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Spanish Schools in Mexico

Mexico has a long tradition when it comes to Spanish Schools, since Mexico and the US are close neighbords sharing not only a long border but culture also it is imperative for many citizens on both countries to speak each other language.

Mexico is very well known for it´s hospitality and friendly people, this has been used for many years by Spanish Schools making it perfect for teaching Spanish thru immersion programs. Immersion has proven to be the most effective way to learn any language since your brain has to even think in that new language.

Spanish Schools in Mexico

Cuernavaca specifically is a city in Mexico where “neutral Spanish” is spoken and this why many people from different countries prefer Cuernavaca to go and study Spanish. Neutral Spanish is a type of Spanish which used accent and terms that are widely used and understood in many regions. While some people focus on keeping the integrity of Castilian Spanish, TV shows and movies as well as radio stations have had the need to tone down their Spanish version so people in a wide range of locations in Latin America can understand them.

Spanish School in Mexico teaching good Spanish

We at Chac-Mool Spanish Institute have wide experience in teaching Spanish and offer diverse Spanish Campuses in Mexico and Costa Rica and have focused on teaching good Spanish. Our native speaking Spanish Teachers know how important it is for our students to speak a type of Spanish that can be widely understood.

Spanish Schools in Mexico that bring results

At Chac-mool Spanish institute we deliver results, we specialize in Spanish teaching and we make sure all our students learn Spanish in a fun and fast way. Our Experience teaching Spanish and our commitment to quality makes us different from the rest of the Spanish Schools in Mexico.
You can feel confident that studying Spanish at Chac-Mool will be your best choice and You will know good Spanish and will will not feel like you are studying but you will learn Spanish the way you leaned your native language.

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Spanish School in Mexico


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Some Fundamental Tips on Mexican Spanish

Mexican Spanish looks to feature more loanwords than other dialects that are national. In Mexico, what you are doing in your free time isn’t a pasatiempo but instead a hobby (pronounced using the English “h” sound!). A reality television show is just a reality. You may be asked about your nuevo LOOK… if you’re trying out a brand new fashion as well as the list continues. This phenomenon is due in big part to Mexico’s closeness to the historical movement as well as American citizens involving both nations.

Learn Spanish Slang

¡Qué padre!
This phrase’s “, literal translation How dad!,” doesn’t make much sense at all—which will, in a article on slang, become a running theme naturally! Nevertheless, it might be understood to mean “Awe-Inspiring!” or “Cool!” and is with no doubt among the most frequently used phrases punctuating day to day Mexican Spanish.
Me vale madre
Interpreted “It’s in worth a mom,” this phrase can be used to say “I do not “ or don’t care” It could be considered offensive, although it’s not a bane.
Poca madre
Literally interpreted as small mom that is “,” this is sort of an inversion on the mom” theme that is “. This phrase can be used to describe something extremely cool because it’s just slightly mum. Yet again, this phrase is used among groups of young men and might be viewed as offensive.
Though every Mexican has an alternative take on things, the sex-loaded nature of those slang expressions is starting to come under somewhat of examination in modern Mexico.
Using padre is usually excellent, but a lot of girls (and some guys) do take offense in the negative utilization of the term madre. It’s likely far better avoid using it yourself, although it’s great to comprehend how the word is employed.

Some Mexican Slang for Beverage and Food

Mexican Spanish slang uses several words generally associated with beverage and food to mean other things completely.
Actually a ” a fresa isn’t a thing you intend to be. Somewhat like the word a fresa is a man from a rich family who’s self centered, superficial and materialistic.
This phrase can be used to mean “Be cautious! “ or ” Look out!” Literally meaning “ waters it’s potential this use evolved from housewives throwing pails of water to scrub the pavements before their houses.
¡A huevo!
Huevos (eggs), it should be said, make up a whole family of Mexican Spanish slang. They’re frequently used to denote a certain element of the male human body—you can likely imagine which— they and ’re additionally found in a large number of slang expressions. ¡ A huevo! Is maybe the one that is most popular, and it’s essentially a vulgar manner showing acceptance or delight. Believe “F yeah!” without the self censorship.
Learn Spanish at the best Spanish Schools in Mexico

Chac-Mool has campuses in different cities in Mexico which makes it great to study Spanish


Instituto Chac-Mool

Privada de la Pradera #108, La Pradera, 62170 Cuernavaca, Mor.
Teléfono: 01 777 317 2555,-99.2427214,18z?hl=es-419,-99.2427214,18z?hl=es-419