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Spanish School in Mexico

Spanish School in Mexico

One of our Spanish Schools in Mexico is located in Tulum  and this location is perfect to learn spanish and enjoy your time after class. here is a little about Tulum.

Tulum is situated on Playa del Carmen In the Yucatan Peninsula and the Mayan Riviera, only 1 hour and 30 minutes south of Cancun in the state of Quintana Roo in Mexico. On the shore facing the Caribbean Sea, it is a site abundant in culture and natural beauty.

Tulum’s biggest draw is its beautifull beaches and peace. It stands on a bluff facing the rising sun looking out. In Maya, Tulum means “Wall;” the city was named as such, since it’s a walled city – among the few the ancients ever assembled.

Spanish School in Mexico

Learn Spanish in Mexico

Tulum is usually considered as having three different areas:

Tulum archaeological site on the cliffs overlooking the Caribbean Sea was among the final cities constructed and inhabited by the Maya and is a well-known tourist destination;

Tulum shores that are scattered with “eco-smart” resorts, restaurants, resorts, along with pastoral cabana lodgings;

Tulum town, a growing small town having various eateries, pubs, music venues, internet cafes, shops, tour agencies, resorts, hostels, vacation rentals, auto and bike rentals, yoga studios, health clubs, and, needless to say, the popular Chac-Mool Spanish School in Mexico.

The vibe of Tulum certainly differs in the other towns along the Riviera Maya, like Playa del Carmen or Cancun. Tulum is now a trendy though decidedly low key getaway on a bohemian Grand Tour which may take in Marrakesh, Goa, and Phuket. Throughout the previous decade, trendy expats have set up shop, dealing with native craftsmen to create elegant however real Mexican resorts and make little accessories lines, while daring chefs have drafted the fire of habaneros right into an international cuisine with Italian, Asian, and Middle Eastern accents.

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Spanish School in Tulum


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