Learning Spanish is no simple job along with a pupil must select on the most effective type of instruction to reach his learning targets. At Chac Mool we focus on Teaching Spanish utilizing a Concentration Program and in the event you haven’t heard this term or type of Spanish program we will describe what an immersion program consists of.

Spanish Immersion is an approach to foreign language teaching where the normal curricular activities are conducted in a language that is foreign like Spanish. What this means is the brand new language is the object of education along with the medium of instruction. Concentration pupils develop the language skills that are required to comprehend and communicate in regards to the subject matter set out in the program of education of the school’s.

It’s occasionally compared to submersion, where individual students are put into courses where everybody talks Spanish. There are varying levels of concentration, including bilingual, partial and total Spanish immersion, which involves two groups of pupils learning each other’s languages like Spanish.

The well accepted and most frequently used definition of immersion  comes from Fred Genesee among the planet ‘s top experts on immersion instruction, of McGill University. Most of the time, at least 50 percent of education within a given academic year has to be supplied via the second language for the program to be thought of as immersion.

Spanish Immersion signifies the most intensive type of content-based foreign language teaching (Spanish).

We know for true that Spanish is acquired efficiently if it is learned in a a friendly surroundings as well as in a meaningful social context.

Learning Spanish with a Spanish Immersion Program - Chac-Mool

Learning Spanish with a Spanish Immersion Program – Chac-Mool

Learn Spanish RR and R
Lets start learning the Spanish RR sound, in this video we found un Youtube we found a good explanation on how to do it right.


Learn Spanish “R”

This one worries many people trying to Learn Spanish but it is very easy in fact becaus the sound already exists in American English. check how you pronounce “Butter”  “Peter”, “Ladder”.

Check this video to see how to pronounce the “R” in Spanish.


If you want to Learn Spanish please Contact Us, we are experts at teaching Spanish and our school is located in the most beautiful places in Mexico and Costa Rica.

Learn Spanish the right Way
Looking to read a novel? Must pass a test to get a course?

Learn Spanish the right way so you don´t waste your time an money. This can be vital distinction to make since the most time-saving strategy is likely to be one that’s tailored to your own end goal. Talking and listening are very distinct abilities that should be acquired apart from reading and or writing, and in case your aim is to learn spanish the correct way and in order for you to take part in real time dialogue with native Spanish Speakers, your strategy is going to be quite different compared to the grammar novel that is flashcard strategy you could use to pass a midterm exam.

learn spanish

learn spanish

Learn Spanish fluently

Even if you are not a begginer and You’re most likely already experienced with respect to some tiny subset of the language, e.g.: “Hola, como estas?” or ordering food at a restaurant You need to use an immersion program. The reason is as you’ve heard and repeated answers and those phrases that using them just becomes automatic. What’s commonly described as “fluency” is actually “automaticity” -the ease with which we are able to make use of some of language and never have to stop and consider it. If you want to Learn Spanish and become fluent you need to hear and listen o Spanish native speakers all the time.

Larn Spanish like you learned your mother tongue

The words and phrases found in dialog that is native or carried out by native speakers differs from the language and style found in papers and novels. If our aim would be to have the capacity to interact in everyday dialogs our efforts ought to be focused on emulating native speakers and to make you able to think in Spanish.

At Chac-Mool we are experts at teaching Spanish and our students can learn Spanish in a few weeks from staying with us, there is nothing like learning Spanish the natural way in which we all learn our native language.

Spanish School in Paradise

Spanish Lessons or traveling? No matter what you choose to do in Riviera Maya, you’ll possess a holiday that is so great that you could repeat again and again. Relax and unwind or experience venture that is unique; anything might be found across the Riviera Maya coast.

Traveling is now easier due to low costs, you’ll be able to make this holiday an annual holiday. Only be sure to see with every one of the best areas to take advantage of each of many things you can do in Riviera Maya.

A few of the very best spots to get a tourist to see can be through Riviera Maya tours. History fans can go to the Mayan marvels of Tulum and Chichen Itza. Head together with your family to Xcaret, which is area nature reserve and component archaeological park.

Or maybe you prefer to know the Riviera Maya throughout the jungle or underneath the ocean, should you like experience and adventure. Whether you use a canopy of the Mayan jungle or snorkeling over the coral reef, you’ll feel a rush of adrenaline you only can certainly not experience at home.

Some Riviera Maya attractions and activities are available within walking distance of your Spanish School. Consider taking cooking lessons, where local cuisine can be experienced by you or go to try a number of the finest eating spots in Mexico. Riviera Maya has a number of the very best shopping in all of Mexico with amazing bargains on artwork and gold jewelry. You may also just spend your days in the shore soaking up the Riviera Maya sun.

The isle of Cozumel … you may want to break free in the shore. Cozumel is crucial to see and visit it´s wonderful tourist area for its many restaurants, nightclubs, and shopping sites though most draw in Riviera Maya are around the mainland. A large plus is the island is merely a quick ferry ride from Playa del Carmen, among the best beaches on the Riviera Maya map.

Spanish is considered a poetic and it is also a wonderful language. That is where it gets interesting and perplexing,  specially when we speak about food. You’ll find lots of differences in how Spanish is spoken if you compare it to English. The differences range to the words we use to express ourselves, to exactly how we use words in plural and the gender of the nouns, from our accents. It’s totally natural that Spanish differs from nation to nation. Actually, vocabulary and the language is not even same in different areas of the exact same state. I am certain it is possible to imagine a couple of examples.

Occasionally some words that can be used in certain areas of our world are believed to be offensive in other places. Occasionally the differences are not humorless. There’s no end to all of the ways we refer to the most straightforward matters in regards to food. We might be prepared not to understand the name to get a vegetable or fruit indigenous to some state much from our own, but it is when words for essential foods change that things get interesting.

I am able to think of two excellent examples for big differences in words of the same meaning. legumes and cake. They might be called habas, frijoles, judias, habichuelas and much more. Cake is a lot more confusing if you ask me. The variations range from torta and tarta to pudin queque, pastel and pastilla.

George Bernard Shaw remarked that USA and England were two nations divided by their common language. This Hispanic Heritage month take the chance to understand more, and Spanish in regards to the abundant selection of language, custom and cultures that make us unique.

Some people like French and Italian and some Spanish as the best sounding languages, all three are romantic languages and the winner will depend on each person. ¿What language do you prefer?





Spanish School in Mexico

Spanish School in Mexico or Costa Rica. Learn Spanish with the best.

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Spanish School in Mexico

Spanish School in Mexico

One of our Spanish Schools in Mexico is located in Tulum  and this location is perfect to learn spanish and enjoy your time after class. here is a little about Tulum.

Tulum is situated on Playa del Carmen In the Yucatan Peninsula and the Mayan Riviera, only 1 hour and 30 minutes south of Cancun in the state of Quintana Roo in Mexico. On the shore facing the Caribbean Sea, it is a site abundant in culture and natural beauty.

Tulum’s biggest draw is its beautifull beaches and peace. It stands on a bluff facing the rising sun looking out. In Maya, Tulum means “Wall;” the city was named as such, since it’s a walled city – among the few the ancients ever assembled.

Spanish School in Mexico

Learn Spanish in Mexico

Tulum is usually considered as having three different areas:

Tulum archaeological site on the cliffs overlooking the Caribbean Sea was among the final cities constructed and inhabited by the Maya and is a well-known tourist destination;

Tulum shores that are scattered with “eco-smart” resorts, restaurants, resorts, along with pastoral cabana lodgings;

Tulum town, a growing small town having various eateries, pubs, music venues, internet cafes, shops, tour agencies, resorts, hostels, vacation rentals, auto and bike rentals, yoga studios, health clubs, and, needless to say, the popular Chac-Mool Spanish School in Mexico.

The vibe of Tulum certainly differs in the other towns along the Riviera Maya, like Playa del Carmen or Cancun. Tulum is now a trendy though decidedly low key getaway on a bohemian Grand Tour which may take in Marrakesh, Goa, and Phuket. Throughout the previous decade, trendy expats have set up shop, dealing with native craftsmen to create elegant however real Mexican resorts and make little accessories lines, while daring chefs have drafted the fire of habaneros right into an international cuisine with Italian, Asian, and Middle Eastern accents.

Spanish School in Mexico_Restaurant

Spanish School in Tulum

Spanish School in Mexico, but… Why Mexico?
The very best way to really learn a language would be to actually speak it. This might seem obvious, but there’s wisdom supporting the thought. Learning a language requires that you become completely immersed in the culture of the individuals who speak this kind of language as well as the customs.

You’ll find a lot of expressions and sentences that you will not be able to fully understand until you reside in the country and also being subjected to real-life scenarios and socializing with people helps you contextualize the concepts and your brain stores it more permanently. Spanish is among the most spoken languages of the planet and several desire to learn how to spek theis beautifull language.  At Chac-Mool we know that the classes are very important but also it is very important to ebable our students come into complete contact with the local people customs and way of living.

Spanish School in Tulum Mexico

Spanish School in Tulum Mexico

A Spanish School in Mexico  with A Great immersion Program

Immersion is fairly universally accepted as the most effective method to learn and speak a language, so your very best plan will be to study abroad in Mexico since it has consistently had a reputation to be one of the finest & most amazing areas in the world. In the shores of Oaxaca and Tulum . You will not have to look hard and long to locate your perfect getaway.

In addition, if you stay and live with a Mexican Family you can enjoy the original Mexican food. Mexico is home to a number of the best dishes and food in the world. I can not say enough about it´s diversity, flavors, and quality Mexican food, specially the home made one.

Our Spanish School in Mexico Besides having wonderful locations, with impressive nature and extremely full of history. Also The friendliness of the Mexican people is one of the greatest on the planet as well as a great cultural heritage, friendly folks and it can also be be really affordable. Additionally Your dollar can go quite a distance in Mexico as well as the purchase price to value ratio is high. (Recall what Warren Buffett says, “Cost is that which you pay, value is that which you get.”) You will find the difference in costs as you travel to the inside of Mexico and to  major beach destinations.


All these reasons make Mexico the  ideal place to Learn Spanish, and if you want to find a Spanich School in Mexico look no further you have come to the right place.


Chac-Mool Spanish School in Mexico

Our  intensive Spanish School in Mexico option along with The most suitable choice for people that we select as our teachers will help you Speak and Understand Spanish as quickly as you possibly can. For advanced and intermediate degrees: there is nothing better that out immersion program where they can practice their Spanish skills with friendly native speakers. Learning grammar is important, but it’s just a tool that can let you convey with other individuals besides your teacher in reality. Our system lets you learn Spanish in a mor natural way.

Spanish school in Mexico

Spanish school in Mexico

Chac-Mool´s  Spanish school in Mexico has joined professionalism as well as a friendly setting to create one of the best and the greatest places to really learn Spanish in Mexico and Costa Rica where You can expect Intensive Immersion Spanish Programs for a time period set by you. Many Spanish immersion language classes concentrate on a purely grammatical strategy. Nevertheless, our Spanish immersion programs in addition to covering all areas of Spanish grammar needed, give a conversational and interactive learning expertise to the Spanish language so Spanish becomes part of you everyday life and you start “thinking in Spanish” instead of transpating the language in your mind.

Spanish School in Mexico with an extraordinary immersion program.

Spanish School in Mexico Tulum

Spanish School in Mexico Tulum

The Spanish language lessons in the school are diverse and exciting. The courses themselves are broken up into blocks that are distinct: one part addresses the language itself along with all the structures and communicative functions. Another part targets various topics that are ethnic so that you can acquire capabilities and all of the required skills: verbal expression, expressions understanding, and reading and writing comprehension.

If you are looking for a Spanish School in Mexico Chac-Mool is the best choice, contact us and we will be happy to help you choose the most suitable Spanish Program for You.

The Best Spanish School in Mexico period…

Learn Spanish in Mexico the best option

It’s not difficult to understand and learn Spanish in Mexico as you interact with native speakers and you will be using Spanish for real life scenarios. Our Spanish Immersion Program provides various personalized high quality Spanish classes at reasonable costs for professionals, students and Spanish teachers.

You’ll find a lot of reasons why you ought to learn Spanish in Mexico, particularly thinking about your own personal growth as a professional. And if you own a business there are a lot of Mexican companies giving billions of dollars to the America market, in case you seek chances in advertising your products, you should invest into taking a few Spanish lessons. There are lots of American places that cater nicely to those that speak Spanish, like large cities that are similar to San Francisco, Miami and Los Angeles.

Your horizons can really expand and open doors for various prospects or if You’re planning to take a rest from school or if you are planning your next vacation, you can take the opportunity and  learn Spanish and travel to the shore, needless to say Mexico is the best option to study Spanish. The Spanish spoken in certain areas in Mexico are called “neutral Spanish” which is easier to understand and it is used  in most movie translation and international T.V. shows.

Learn Spanish in Mexico and get the culture as well

Mexico has a powerful and very abundant history that’s discovered on each individual street corner as well as in the buildings that line the avenues of city and each and every town.

learn spanish in mexico

learn spanish in mexico

Besides history and its intriguing culture, Mexico can also be a comparatively cheap spot to go to.  Comparing it to Studying on the European continent, in contrast, prices are extremely low in Mexico. Whether taking a cab, going into a museum, or eating in a restaurant that was normal, all could be carried out on a fair budget. Mexico is a heaven on earth, ideal for travelers and people wanting to understand about culture and another language.

Mexican culture reveals the intricacy of the nation ‘s history through the blending of native traditions as well as the culture of Spain. As time has passed exogenous ethnic components are integrated into Mexican customs.

Learn Spanish in Mexico in an immersion program

Learning Spanish in Mexico is best if combined with the immersion system where you do not just learn Spanish but make new friends and also learn the traditions.