Learning Spanish in an immersion program is the best way to learn and replicates the natural language learning that all people go thru when growing up.

We believe that an immersion program is way better than learning online. Some of our Spanish Students have taking courses in their Universities or Coolege as well as online and they come to Chacmool to polish up and perfection their Spanish, as well as work on their accent and pronunciation.





Learn Spanish at Chac-mool located in Mexico in the beautifull Mayan riviera

Or Chacmool Costa Rica

Learn Spanish the basic terms before you travel and enjoy a great immersion program.
Many Students prefer to learn something basic so they don´t arrive to a school with blank knowledge of Spanish.

We share this video that teaches some basic Greeting and Introductions if that is your case.


Learn Spanish at Chac-mool located in Mexico in the beautifull Mayan riviera


Or Chacmool Costarica



Learn Spanish in Tulum

Learn Spanish in Tulum Mexico.

Chac-Mool Spanish School is located in the beautifull Mayan Riviera Mexico and we have the best techniques following the natural learning capabilities of the student.

When we learn our native language we don´t memorize tons of grammar rules and words, in a way everything comes natural. We don´t even know that we are learning the language until we already speak it fluently.

If you want to Learn Spanish we have the best Immersion Program.