Imagine a person who speaks in French and one in Spanish. Neither of them knows the other’s language, but they converse fluently and smoothly.

The secret: a discreet headset capale of translating thousands of words from several languages. It looks like a science fiction scene. And actually that’s part of it´s origin. The creators were inspired by series and films of this genre like Star Trek to design Pilot, a simultaneous translator that allows to have a normal conversation in five languages.


Unlike other similar systems that need internet to work, the mechanism contains all information “in a small gadget that goes inside the ear”. To work it only requires a software that is activated in a device the size of a mobile phone.

  • Personal experience

In addition to the scenes where beings from different planets or galaxies communicated with the help of helmets or headphones, the creators of tsimultaneous his translator used the personal experience for their invention.

The team members, who are part of the company Waverly Labs are from different countries, and at first they  had trouble understanding each other.

  • Millions in minutes

Something that caught the attention of specialists and specialized publications in business and entrepreneurs, is how the creators of the device financed their product.

The story began the morning of June 25 this year, when the team presented a campaign Indiegogo, a platform for funding innovative projects created by young people.

Waverly Labs team requested US $ 75,000 to start the design of the translator. Within 15 minutes they had already obtained them, but many people mantained their donations.

In three hours they had raised $ 1 million, and by the end of the day the project funds were $ 2.7 million.

In mid-2017 it will be offered to the public in open sale, but now you can buy it online.


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