Tips to Learn Spanish

How Spanish developed

Spanish at first developed as a language from the dialect of “Vulgar Latin” Thats the reason why Spanish, “español”, is really called Castilian, or castellano in the language itself in Spain, Argentina and many other states). In the journey from veni, vidi, vici to vine, vi, vencí, mingled with an entire slew of other languages and cultures and Spanish blended, giving it some quite distinctive characteristics and vocabulary.

Probably the most known of these words is the difficult-to-interpret exclamation ¡ojalá!, which approximately means “let us hope so!” or “Hopefully!” – alá, obviously, being the Spanish manner of writing the Arabic word “Allah”.

The purpose is the fact that, in the event you are an etymology nerd or a history, Spanish is an incredibly rich language, and there is a good deal to geek out on.

What you need to Learn Spanish

Among the very first ideas you’ll probably when you hear Spanish spoken have is why are they talking so quickly?

First you’ll should get used to the phonetic system and it’s link to pronunciation. However, what do you do to help connect those sounds with real words? They key will be to facilitate yourself in through Spanish content that’s suitable to your degree.

In Spain, You cn often find Spaniards talking at regular speed nearly not possible to comprehend.

On the other hand Mexicans speak more slowly and more clearly, also If it’s possible to do so attempt to get your favourite film or TV series in Spanish. I usually seek for the show on Wikipedia, then click the left to look at the same post in Spanish to try it. There it is possible to locate the show’ same name in Spanish, and also you may make an effort to get the box.

Instead, the first English version may come with a Spanish sound option on the DVD. In the event that you can’t locate it, check out or, because they’re prone to get media dubbed in Spanish only. It’s not high-priced, although this might need international transport as you’d believe. Also Cuernavaca has the best translators and many movies are dubbed there.



Seeing a film or TV series in Spanish that you understand in English is exceptional practice. You understand the storyline, and generally you’ll recall what the characters will say. This implies you don’t should make an effort to determine what and also you will concentrate on the words. I learned a tremendous quantity of Spanish words and phrases from seeing Los Simpson (The Simpsons) on Spanish TV thanks to empowering subtitles in Spanish so that I really could learn to relate the written text with the verbal form.

In the event you make friends with native speakers, you should request ideas on their favourite shows and contemplate seeing them initially in Spanish, in place of merely seeing dubbed versions of shows that are American or British. This will allow you to understand more of Spanish culture also.

Also You can look for Spanish videos on Youtube, here is a good one we liked and also the channel is a good help.

Actually, several large Romance languages are really so much like Spanish they’re mostly mutually intelligible – a Spaniard and an Italian who don´t speak the same language can very often understand each other.

So if You are serious about learning Spanish let us help You we have the best place to learn Spanish and at Cnach-Mool Spanish School we have excellent teachers.


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Aprende español en Costa Rica


  1. El parque nacional de Corcovado y Bahía Drake

El hotel está situado en la pintoresca Península de Osa, el Parque nacional de Corcovado fue nombrado como uno de los lugares con más biodiversidad del planeta. Junto con la Bahía Drake, esta región se ha convertido en un punto caliente para el ecoturismo para aquellos que quieren ser uno con la naturaleza.


  1. El parque nacional Volcán Arenal y la Fortuna

Solía ser uno de los volcanes más activos de Costa Rica, el arenal es sin duda un hermoso. Visita un pequeño pueblo cerca de la base del volcán y no te arrepentirás de esta belleza. En este caso no  olvides visitar las hermosas aguas termales, un paraíso tropical donde se puede relajar la mente y el cuerpo.


  1. Tamarindo, Playa Langosta y Playa Grande

El hotel está situado en la Costa Norte del Océano Pacífico, Tamarindo y playas en los alrededores. Cuenta con aguas cristalinas color turquesa y un clima ideal, Tamarindo es uno de los destinos turísticos más populares por una razón justificada. Tamarindo tiene un poco de “algo” para todos. Si la familia está en busca de relajación o de aventura, esta playa tiene todas las comodidades y la tranquilidad de varios destinos en uno solo.


  1. Manuel Antonio y Parque Nacional Manuel Antonio

Lo que en este parque le falta en tamaño, lo compensa la increíble riqueza de lugares de interés que se encuentran aquí. Impresionantes playas tropicales, la increíble variedad de aves y animales silvestres, así como una densa y rica vegetación, de fácil acceso y un montón de cosas para hacer, hacen de este parque uno de los lugares de interés turístico más populares de todo el país.


  1. La reserva de Bosque nuboso de Monteverde

Envuelto en esponjosas nubes, la impresionante Reserva Forestal de Monteverde tiene un aire único misterio. Monteverde es el hogar de más de 3,000 especies de plantas y animales.

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An estimated three hundred million individuals all over the world speak Spanish and is now the fourth most frequently spoken language world-wide. Geographically, a lot of states and countries have Spanish as a dominant language. Understanding Spanish opens the door for you and 30% of a billion speakers globally to convey!

If you reside in the US, it’s not impossible to keep nearly daily contact with native Spanish speakers in many cities as well as in rural areas. That is definitely true bordering such states as Florida and New York, or Mexico where many immigrants of Cuban roots live. If your house state isn’t situated in any of these places, there’s still an excellent chance of locating Spanish-speakers close to your geographical area. As of 1995, 10% of all individuals living in the US were of Hispanic ancestry. Before 10 years, this amount has continued to grow.

Maybe this can be why 50% of pupils learning languages in US schools and universities are Learning Spanish over other languages. You’ve got the chance to to use your language skills right at home.



Learning Spanish can help you enjoy more your travel experiences. If you have ever imagined seeing far off, exotic, tropical locations, you do not have far to appear when you consider the great amount of Spanish-speaking nations that match this description. Wherever you decide to go, be it to Central America, México or Costa Rica, will help you to understand the culture and the language of the land you see will provide you with insights into culture and individuals a non-Spanish speaker would never have access to. Understanding a little Spanish ahead of time helps travelers convey successfully, particularly considering that English is not known by a lot of Spanish speakers. Whether giving an address in a cab, making bookings in a hotel, ordering food or beverages in a restaurant, or meeting with the locals at the primary hangout, your traveling experience will be a lot easier and more satisfying.

If you want to learn Spanish at Chac-mool we have great experience with immersion programs and we are located in Mexico which is a great place to Learn Spanish.

Learn Spanish with us: CHAC-MOOL

Spanish School in Mexico - Chac-Mool Spanish Schools

Spanish School in Mexico – Chac-Mool Spanish Schools

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Would you need some useful suggestions about the best method to enhance your Spanish language abilities? We have asked our seasoned teachers for the top 10 hints for learning Spanish.

Be Patient
Pupils anticipate to learn Spanish fast and get warned when they’ren’t talking fluently right away. Take your time and do not anticipate to be speaking Spanish that is perfect . Congratulate yourself on the improvement which you make and attempt to steer clear of making targets that are unrealistic.

Pupils learn Spanish faster when taking courses in a Spanish-speaking nation, and one month of courses in Argentina will allow you to enhance considerably over one equivalent month of courses in your home country. For students that need to study more than only Spanish, study abroad programs in Buenos Aires are an excellent means to take university courses abroad getting credits and while studying Spanish.

Pupils can consistently significantly enhance their Spanish by reading short stories or little posts . Plus it’s an excellent way to pick up phrases and common Spanish words instantly.

Arrange Yourself and Your Work
Our professors propose that you comprehend it and review everything you have learned. Later, you should arrange everything in a sense which you is not difficult to follow and comprehend. You’ll find nothing more frustrating than searching amongst numerous sheets of paper for a crucial piece of advice!

Use Flashcards

Teachers and pupils alike understand that flashcards are an excellent way to memorize phrases and important Spanish words which they come across daily. You can keep the flashcards with you and can check with them easily and quickly. If you keep hearing a word which you do not understand yet if there’s a word or phrase you always forget or while you’re out investigating, write it. By concentrating on the essential areas you must practice then you’re able to perfect your Spanish vocabulary.

Watch Films with Spanish Subtitles

Pupils should make an effort to expose themselves to Spanish television and movie as potential, that will help practice and develop your listening abilities. This can be an enjoyable and method that is especially helpful to acquire your Spanish comprehension skills at a rate that is more rapid while enjoying a movie that is great at once. Here at Expanish, we contain videos so pupils can practice their listening comprehension and sponsor weekly movie clubs.

Learn With a Friend

Learning Spanish can occasionally be a seemingly never-ending and frustrating procedure, by locating buddies who’ll support you when you’re feeling like giving up but the best means to overcome that is. Learning Spanish with a buddy additionally ensures that you’ve got an excellent partner for dialogue practice since your assignments typically just includes composing and reading. There are endless opportunities to meet with new friends in your courses that are Spanish, at your lodging, and by participating in trips and Expanish actions!

Join a Learning Community that is Spanish.

We live in a age where support and advice is hardly difficult to get, so benefit from it. You participate in local Spanish group assemblies, meet for language exchanges or can join on-line support and guidance.
Nevertheless, it’s also a fun, worthwhile and rewarding experience! Here at Expanish we consider that should you really need to learn Spanish then give to immersing yourself and you’ve got to set your life blood into it. Buena Suerte!


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Reasons why You should consider learning Spanish, like “ahora”.

Whether you need to enhance your job prospects, keep the mind sharp, or investigate new cultures without needing to rely on someone to request directions, Spanish is the one instrument that can allow you to do all that and more.
Spanish is the second-most spoken language after English, in America, and is the dominant language in quite a few neighboring states in the Western Hemisphere. In addition, it happens to be an incredibly attractive language.

Here are some extremely great reasons why every American Should Learn Spanish.
A growing variety of companies prefer people who can speak Spanish fluently. A 2013 survey of executives and high-level managers conducted by Strategy Business found that 97 percent of respondents “believed language abilities are somewhat significant for professional success in the business surroundings.”


With 330 million native speakers, Spanish is the second most frequently spoken language on earth after English. Attorneys, doctors and social workers work with various people and families day in who speak Spanish.

Communicate with your kids
Meaning that if You´ve got kids in the following decade approximately, they have friends who speak Spanish or at least will probably talk the language. Now, wouldn’t you like to comprehend what their friends and your kids are saying to one another when they are not speaking English?

If traveling for work or working abroad is among your career aims, learning the best way to speak Spanish fluently and it will allow you to get there. Within an increasingly global market, being bilingual will allow you to collaborate with specialists throughout the world, negotiate business deals abroad, and talk with international customers.

Once you master the Spanish language, you’ll have the ability to comprehend the subtitles and get the jokes in real time when you watch a movie from Spain or Latin America.


Enhance your brain´s cognitive abilities
Learning another language enhances your brain, but it also helps your head remain sharp longer. Several studies demonstrate that being bilingual enhances cognitive abilities unrelated to language.

Keep your brain healthy and young
Researchers at the University of Ghent in Belgium discovered that spaking another language such as Spanish postpones the symptoms of dementia.” and recently released a study that added to the growing signs that bilingualism can delay the start of Alzheimer’s and it leads to cognitive modesty
Become more independent

Ever wind up somewhere or in downtown Laredo, Texas or Miami? Learning to speak Spanish will help care for that issue.

Comprehend Spanish song lyrics
Need to understand when she sings in Spanish what Shakira is saying? Enthusiastic about understanding what the salsa tune you are dancing to means?

For all these reasons we recommend You to Learn Spanish and if you are wondering what´s the best way to do it. Visit:

Privada de la Pradera 108, La Pradera, 62170 Cuernavaca, Mor.
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Instituto Chac-Mool

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I Vote “SI”


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Tips to Understand Spanish

Spanish is a lovely language having a very long history and over 500 million speakers world-wide.

It’s among the simpler languages for speakers of English to understand, due to both language’s common Latin roots. Learning Spanish takes and requires time and a good teacher. The satisfaction you will feel after having your first appropriate dialogue in Spanish will make it completely worth the effort! Here are a few good suggestions on the best way to learn how to speak Spanish and also have fun along the way!

Among the primary ideas you will probably have asked yourself why people speak so fast in Spanish?

While I wish I had a magic remedy with this issue, the fact remains that you just must train your ear to relate Spanish sounds using the written kind, and this does take some time. But it does not have to take lots of time.

With just a couple of weeks of consistent practice, it is possible to train your ear to adjust to the sounds of Spanish. First you will have to become accustomed to the phonetic system and it is link to pronunciation. However, what can you do to help connect those sounds with real words? They key will be to facilitate yourself in through Spanish content which is suitable for your degree.

Additional thoughts I Had highly recommend:

It’s possible for you to locate many stations in Spanish on, or you also can Google what tunes have been in the top 40 charts in your intended state. Subsequently get the lyrics (Google the tune name with all the word “letras” for lyrics) and attempt to follow along. I find that love songs are usually sung slower and are simpler to follow.

Make use of a podcast directed at Spanish students. Although this was not around for me back in 2003, I Have used this firm’s podcasts for my other languages to enhance my listening comprehension. I like this it distinguishes language amounts in accordance with the CEFR scale.

Basically, it begins at the bottom amounts, playing an extremely short dialog and describing all facets of it, to ensure that when you re-listen to the conversation and by doing so you will end up understanding it much better. As you progress through the levels, it gets Increasingly more difficult as well as the speakers raise the speed where they talk. I usually make an effort to aim for just one degree more than my present one, to shove myself.

Analyze Spanish sound at different rates. It’s possible for you to take sound from a naturally verbal podcast, record of a radio show, or interview and slow it down utilizing the complimentary tool Audacity.

To study Spanish in a Spanish School in Mexico contact US, At Chac-mool, we have the best teachers and you will learn Spanish in no time.

Instituto Chac-Mool_Spanish School in Mexico

Instituto Chac-Mool_Spanish School in Mexico



Instituto Chac-Mool

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Teléfono: 01 777 317 2555

Learn Spanish at Chac-Mool_10 Reasons to learn spanish

Learn Spanish at Chac-Mool Spanish Schools

10 Reasons to Learn Spanish

1. Over 400,000,000 people speak Spanish all around the world and there are more bilingual people in the world every day.

2. It is becoming a business necessity.

3. It will expand your knowledge and perception of the world.

4. It will transform your travel experience.

5. It is part of popular culture.

6. Better paying jobs.

7. To help others.

8. To understand English better.

9. To understand the Hispanic culture and its contributions.

10. Spanish in Fun!

Now you know the 10 reasons to learn Spanish, are you waiting for.

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Learn Spanish in Cuernavaca at Chac-Mool Spanish Schools


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Learning Spanish is no simple job along with a pupil must select on the most effective type of instruction to reach his learning targets. At Chac Mool we focus on Teaching Spanish utilizing a Concentration Program and in the event you haven’t heard this term or type of Spanish program we will describe what an immersion program consists of.

Spanish Immersion is an approach to foreign language teaching where the normal curricular activities are conducted in a language that is foreign like Spanish. What this means is the brand new language is the object of education along with the medium of instruction. Concentration pupils develop the language skills that are required to comprehend and communicate in regards to the subject matter set out in the program of education of the school’s.

It’s occasionally compared to submersion, where individual students are put into courses where everybody talks Spanish. There are varying levels of concentration, including bilingual, partial and total Spanish immersion, which involves two groups of pupils learning each other’s languages like Spanish.

The well accepted and most frequently used definition of immersion  comes from Fred Genesee among the planet ‘s top experts on immersion instruction, of McGill University. Most of the time, at least 50 percent of education within a given academic year has to be supplied via the second language for the program to be thought of as immersion.

Spanish Immersion signifies the most intensive type of content-based foreign language teaching (Spanish).

We know for true that Spanish is acquired efficiently if it is learned in a a friendly surroundings as well as in a meaningful social context.

Learning Spanish with a Spanish Immersion Program - Chac-Mool

Learning Spanish with a Spanish Immersion Program – Chac-Mool


Instituto Chac-Mool

Privada de la Pradera #108, La Pradera, 62170 Cuernavaca, Mor.
Teléfono: 01 777 317 2555