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At our Spanish School we will assist anyone speak Spanish vey quickly and easily, our instructors make a great difference and all of the are native speakers any person can learn Spanish in a friendly and stress free setting, At Mexico you will be able to have the benefit of the scenery and the person of the town and at the same time discover Cancun your spanish learning adventure. Therefore If you need to learn Spanish in Mexico, or Costa Rica and are seeking for a welcoming spot with a home and cozy surrounding; a school that gives instruction in an unusual fashion, with modules administered in little student groups, our Spanish school is indeed your idealoption.

To Study Spanish and enjoy Mexico and Costa Rica at the same time. Our main objective in our Spanish Place is to offer each learner the most excellent combination between fun and studying we can be able to recommend you the option to be taught Spanish in the mean time that you believe like you are on a holiday.

Spanish is a Romance language that traces its roots to the Old Latin, learning it will give you a competitive edge when immersing yourself in other languages such as Italian, Portuguese or French, as they all have many similarities in terms of sentence structure, grammar conjugation, vocabulary and also the masculine and feminine nouns. If you are looking to become a polyglot, studying Spanish may help get you there

Chac-mool has several Spanish schools in different Mexican towns which specialize in teaching and perfecting this language having a team made from professional teachers who don’t just aim for everyone to learn Spanish but at the same time would like you to enjoy an immersed stay, with a look into the more authentic and original aspects of life in Tulum or Costa rica. We combine classes in smaller groups with educational workshops, as well as cultural and fun activities.

Learn Spanish

Learn Spanish

Everyone has different reasons for choosing to learn Spanish, but you might soon find out that the perfect part about knowing a foreign language is not just the destination but the journey. I know you want to learn Spanish. It’s like a dream. Being fluent in Spanish. Conversing with the Spanish like a real native, those people struggling how to learn Spanish might often wonder if there is another, easier, way to master the Spanish language. Maybe you always wanted to learn Spanish but don’t have the time to dedicate to attending classes everyday and need a quick way to learn it.  Chac-mool will assist you Learn Spanish in the fastest and most natural way. Understanding Spanish will also open up the world of Spanish literature to you, permit you to read great works of literature such as Miguel de Cervantes, Don Quijote in their original forms, and watch Spanish films without the many distracting subtitles. If you learn Spanish it will allow you to simply enjoy the films in their natural language.


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