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Have A Question about our Spanish School

Have a question?  Take a look!  We have answers to most of the common questions:

The Natural Approach allows students to “naturally” acquire a new language in a low-anxiety, comfortable setting using real life situations and objects to support their learning. This approach is distinct from a grammar memorization approach, where generally you learn, not by doing, but through studying a book and memorizing grammar rules. The Natural Approach at Instituto www.chac-mool stresses communication skills and conversational fluency and our goal is to have you communicating in Spanish as quickly as possible.

New classes for all levels begin each Monday throughout the year, although mid-week starts may be arranged. Students usually begin their homestay the Saturday or Sunday prior. (Please note school holidays.) Students may study for any number of weeks.

Most classes begin weekdays at 8:00 am, however private classes (when available) may begin at the hour of your choosing.

Tuition and accommodations are priced separately, rates can be found on our rates page. Registration fees are required by all first time students, and are payable in advance of arrival.

The registration fee and 35% of total tuition fee are required in advance of your arrival, and these fees may be paid by check or credit card. The balance of fees are paid upon arrival and cash payments are requested. Upon registration, your confirmation for classes will confirm all payment procedures.

Instituto www.chac-mool guarantees that all students will learn Spanish, or their tuition will be refunded. This guarantee is offered for all actively participating adult students who are enrolled in our Peer Group classes for 2 weeks or longer. Requests must be made by the student to the school’s director no later than 10:00 am on the second day of study.

Class attendance is the student’s responsibility and tuition refunds will not be made for classes missed. However, if a student formally withdraws from their course prior to their scheduled ending date, days missed may be made up at a future time. Registration fees are non-refundable, however they are life-time fees and are good for any Instituto www.chac-mool Spanish School campus.

The excursions vary in destination and are tied to the interest of the students attending classes. Saturday excursions may be scheduled, plus Sunday excursions during the busier times of the year.

Instituto www.chac-mool has two different options of classes for kids.  The first, Programa Amiguito, is a whole language based program that is interactive, and created for the beginning student.  The second program is the Prep program, created for kids and young teens that have more academic goals, such as students that have already had some dual immersion experience.  Please ask us which program might be best for your youth or teen!

At the end of your course, the school will provide an official Certificate of Completion free of charge upon request. You must request this while at the school as they cannot be mailed to you.

Stores around town sell prepaid phone cards that can be used from the school or from most host family homes. Since not all prepaid phone cards are alike we do not recommend that you purchase these in your home country prior to arriving in Costa Rica.

You have the option to choose the plan that works best for you.  You can do as little as just breakfast (desayuno), or you can do as many as all 3 meals per day with your host family.  Please see Housing Rates for the costs of each of these options.

The host families will launder your sheets and towels, but for personal items you will need to use the laundry services in town for inexpensive washing and drying of your clothes.

www.chac-mool has a doctor on call and a hospital is located very near the school.