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Speaking more than one language is crucial, Learning Spanish has become very important for americans and has clear practical advantages in an increasingly globalized world. But recently, scientists have started to reveal the benefits of bilingualism are even more essential than having the ability to converse with more and diverse people. Being bilingual and learning Spanish, it seems, makes you more intelligent. It may possess a profound impact in your brain, protecting against dementia in old age and enhancing cognitive abilities not related.

Learn Spanish in Mexico

Learn Spanish in Mexico

They are not wrong about the hindrance: there’s considerable evidence that in a bilingual’s brain both language processes are active when a person is using just one language, so creating scenarios in which the other is obstructed by one system. But this hindrance, researchers are finding out, is not so much a disability as a blessing in disguise. It induces the mind to resolve an  inner battle, giving the head a workout that reinforces its muscles that are cognitive.

Bilinguals, for example, appear to be much better at solving specific types of mental puzzles, more skillful.

In one study kids needed to sort the shapes by colour, putting circles that are blue in the bin marked together with red squares and the blue square in the bin marked together with the red circle. Then, the kids were requested to sort by contour, which was difficult because it necessitated putting the pictures in a bin marked using a colour that was contradictory. The bilinguals were faster at performing this job faster.

The collective evidence from several scientific studies indicate that bilingual people and their experience exercise and improve greatly what is called “brain’s executive function” which is a very complex command system which directs the focus procedures that people use for solving problems, and it is used by our brain in preparation and performing various other emotionally demanding jobs. These procedures contain changing focus from one thing to another, discounting distractions to keep concentrated and holding advice in head — like recalling a sequence of directions.

Some recent Studies made about tis subject show that people who speak more than one language, English and Spanish for example are better at performing problem solving tasks. The essential difference between monolinguals and bilinguals may be more fundamental: a heightened capability to track the surroundings. “Bilinguals need to change languages fairly frequently — you could communicate with your dad in a single language and also for your mom in a different language,” says Albert Costa, a researcher in the University of Pompeu Fabra in Spain.

The bilingual encounter seems to affect the mind from infancy to old age (and there’s reason to think that it could also apply to individuals who learn another language later in life).

In a 2009 study 7-month old infants exposed to two languages from birth were compared with peers. Within an initial group of trials, the infants were demonstrated a puppet on a single side of a display and after that were presented with the audio cue. But in the brand new way, the infants exposed to a bilingual surroundings quickly learned to change their anticipatory gaze in a later group of trials, when the puppet started appearing on the contrary side of the display while the other infants didn’t.

So if you want to learn a foreign language and are currently living in the US, Spanish is the language that is most recommended. If you live In America, there is no question that among the very practical alternatives for anyone considering learning a brand new language is Spanish. It is the second-most spoken language in the United States as well as the dominant tongue of several communities along the U.S.-Mexico border, South Florida and Puerto Rico. It is the language of the majority of our neighboring nations in the Western Hemisphere.

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