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The Spanish Natural Aproach

A person desn´t learn Spanish in just one way, we are all different and we can choose different ways of learning, some of us like to read, some other like to watch movies, the more modern type of people like to learn with apps, but there is one way of learning Spanish which is common to all human beings, it´s the “The Natural Way” to learn Spanish.

What we mean by that is that when we were children we did not require grammar lessons or books to learn Spanish, we did not run for the dictionary whenever we were looking for a way to learn a new word, and also we did not know the name or grammatical structures as we spoke them. We simply just spoke and learned.

Learn Spanish at our Spanish School in Mexico

Learn Spanish at our Spanish School in Mexico

At Chac-Mool Spanish Institute we have a methodology that will make You understand and speak Spanish in a natural way and without grammar!. In our Spanish School our teachers know how to help You learn Spanish without knowing any grammar but at the same time making sure you speak Spanish correctly. }

We simply teach You Spanish as when You learned Your first language. It will be a fun, entertaining and in a productive way.

Learn Spanish by Practicing

Practice makes perfect they say, and we say that perfect practice makes perfect, so we make sure You practice your Spanish speaking it the right way. You will have to practice a lot and be willing to make mistakes. Our Spanish teachers make sure You are confortable speaking Spanish and even making mistakes since this is part of the process.

At Chac-Mool Spanish Institute teaching Spanish is our specialty and we love to teach and we love to see our students succeed, so You can be sure we will make our best effort so You can learn Spanish in a relaxed way. We believe that our brain stores not only knowledge but also complete experiences, so we make sure that your experience while learning Spanish is a pleasant one.

At Chac-Mool Spanish Institute You don´t need to worry about anything but enjoy Spanish!.

Come and enjoy your new adventure with us !!!