Why Learn a Foreign Language

Learning a foreign lenguaje, like Spanish, is becoming much more og a necessity in this society.

Learning Spanish is easier and more enjoyable than ever with audio courses, study abroad, and intensive language courses where you can meet tons of new people and also learn a new language.

Spanish Schools in Mexico

Learn Spanish with the Best Spanish Immersion Program. At Chac-Mool Spanish School you can choose the location of your school, we have campuses in Mexico and Costa Rica. We offer the best Spanish immersion program to learn Spanish with a unique methodology and native high motivated teachers who make learning Spanish fun and easy.



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5 cosas que no sabías sobre Cuernavaca, “La ciudad de la eterna primavera”

Siempre es muy interesante conocer cosas nuevas acerca del mundo pero es mucho más interesante descubrir esos curiosos detalles de lugares que frecuentamos e incluso darnos cuenta de que ignoramos mucho acerca de la ciudad donde vivimos.

Cuernavaca es una ciudad muy antigua que guarda varios secretos impresionantes que para la mayoria pasan desapercibidos a pesar de vivir en Cuernavaca.

Te dejamos un par de datos que te dejarán fascinado de esta bella ciudad de la eterna primavera.

Cuernavaca es una de las ciudades más antiguas de México

  • Fue establecida en el siglo XII por una tribu Chichimeca.
  • Entonces se llamaba Cuauhnáhuac que significa: Junto a los Árboles.
  • Se le otorgó el título de villa el 6 de junio de 1529 cuando se establece el Marquesado del Valle de Oaxaca.
  • El 14 de Octubre de 1834 se le concede el título de ciudad, inclusive antes de la creación del Estado de Morelos el 17 de Abril de 1869.
  • Cuenta con 365 168 habitantes y su gentilicio es “Cuernavascense”.

Cuernavaca alberga diversos objetos de invaluable valor histórico.

Como ejemplo está el primer reloj de la Nueva España, el cual puedes visitar en el Museo Cuauhnahuac (Palacio de Cortés), el cual se encontraba originalmente en la catedral.

Otro ejemplo es el Kiosco del Jardín Juarez en el centro de la ciudad, el cual fue diseñado por Gustave Eiffel, el creador de la torre Eiffel en París.








Cuernavaca fue el hogar de muchas personalidades históricas. Entre ellas:

Hernán Cortes – Conquistador de México


Maximiliano de Habsburgo – Emperador de México



Erich Fromm – Psicoanalista y Filósofo Alemán

David Alfaro Siqueiros – Muralista Mexicano

Cuernavaca tiene un gran número de ciudades hermanas, entre las que destacan:

  • Nueva York, Estados Unidos.
  • Mineápolis, Estados Unidos.
  • Denver, Estados Unidos.
  • Egipto, Egipto.
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina.

La “Ciudad de la Eterna Primavera”

Así la llamo el explorador y naturalista alemán, Alexander von Humboldt, durante su breve estadía el 10 de Abril de 1803.

The Spanish language is now the 2nd. most popular language on the entire planet just after English with almost 408 Million native speakers. 43.7 Million individuals in America are native speakers, or have native-like competence in Spanish.

The question is: how can I actually learn Spanish?

Take Private Lessons

A language isn’t just some grammar rules and words. Private lessons from a real native speakers ensures that you comprehend the rules governing the many inflections and variations present, but also the language in spoken and the idea the other person wants to transmit.

Spanish Lessons that are private  are considered the best, but also sometimes it´s an expensive way to learn Spanish.

One to one Interaction: Having a Spanish teacher or coach specially in a Spanish School in Mexico who links real ethnic circumstances, enhance pronunciation and can correct errors is critical to learn better.

Group Interaction: Group lessons are especially valuable as it is possible to learn out of your peer group who’ll less or more share your same goals. Socializing within the group will allow you to practice the language in a living’ surroundings.

You can even expect to pay a premium for reputed or exceptionally capable teachers. Group lessons are a more economical, but equally powerful alternative to individual lessons.

Software Applications

They are comparatively low in price, and substantial peer communities have made software applications one among the most famous ways to learn Spanish. Distinct programs highlight distinct learning strategies. But software doesn’t give you the genuine native speaker with routine interaction, these applications can be powerful learning tools but it is way better to speak to a real person.

Learn Spanish in Mexico

Learn Spanish in Mexico

On-Line Resources

Several web sites specialize on Spanish programs and they have emerged previously few years. These systems very much have the same disadvantage as using a software that you don’t speak to a real person.

Other Spanish Learning Systems 

Besides the subsequent, there are a group of other ways to learn Spanish too, for example:

To Study Spanish is not difficult to locate Spanish language groups in your neighborhood that can enable you to learn and practice the language.

That is a superb way not to only learn Spanish, but experience Latin American culture at the same time while you make friends while learning in a Spanish School in Mexico.

Consider taking this class on Spanish language markets if you’re wanting to start a company in Latin America.

Viewing films or movies that are Spanish with subtitles, making Spanish-speaking buddies, and even living for some time in a Spanish-speaking nation are some means to match the language.

Immersion Programs

Without a doubt immersion programs are your best choice to Learn Spanish because you speak all the time with a real persona and that’s the way we naturally learn out mother language. If you have the chance to find a good Spanish School in Mexico I recommend you to not even think about it, take the opportunity to Leans Spanish in Mexico. Just go do it.



Instituto Chac-Mool

Privada de la Pradera #108, La Pradera, 62170 Cuernavaca, Mor.
Teléfono: 01 777 317 2555

Learn Spanish in Mexico, Spanish School in Mexico Instituto Chac-Mool Spanish Schools - Learn Spanish in Cuernavaca

Reasons to Learn SpanishLearn Spanish in Mexico – Instituto Chac-Mool Spanish Schools

5 Reasons to Learn Spanish

1. Speak and Understand 350 million native Spanish speakers world-wide.

Spanish is spoken by at least an estimated 350 million individuals all over the world and is now the 4th most frequently spoken language world-wide. Geographically, a lot of states have Spanish as a dominant language: Spain, America, Venezuela, Chile, Equatorial Guinea, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Perú, Argentina, México, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Panamá, Colombia, Bolivia, Paraguay, and Uruguay. Understanding Spanish opens the door for one to speak with 1/3 of a billion speakers globally!

2. Communicate with Spanish-speaking folks at home.

In case your home is in the US, it will be likely to keep nearly daily contact with native Spanish speakers in several cities as well as in rural areas. That is actually true in the various states bordering Mexico, or such states as Florida and New York where many immigrants of Cuban roots live. Even in case your home state isn’t found in any of these regions, there’s still an excellent possibility of locating Spanish-speakers close to your geographical area. As of 1995, 10% of all individuals residing in the US were of Hispanic ancestry. Before 10 years, this amount has continued to grow. Possibly this can be the reason why 53% of pupils learning languages in US schools and universities are learning Spanish over other languages. You’ve got the ability to make use of your language skills right at home.

3. Learn Spanish to Enjoy even more your trips.

You Should take a bit of your time to understand a few of the Spanish language before heading off to distant lands, your comprehension and appreciation for the areas you see is going to be made better immensely. Realizing the language and culture of the land you see will give you insights to individuals and culture a non-Spanish speaker would never have access to. Understanding even a little Spanish ahead of time helps travelers convey more successfully, particularly considering a lot of Spanish speakers don’t understand English. Whether giving an address in a cab, making bookings in a hotel, ordering food or beverages in a restaurant, or meeting the locals in the key hangout, your traveling experience will probably be a lot easier and much more satisfying when you’re able to convey.

4. Use Spanish to enhance your employment possibility.

Understand another language? Great, you are hired! For those who have shown yourself to be a competent worker with only the proper job skills AND you also talk a foreign language like Spanish, you’re a lot more prone to get that job of your dreams than if you only speak English. Globally, those who talk Spanish regularly have chances to work in commerce or company fields. Alternatives include diplomacy, interpretation, and security programs, which all demand a sensitivity and competence of some other language. And are you aware that bilingual workers regularly get a bigger wages than their non-Spanish speaking counterparts? Together with the world becoming ever more international, contact with individuals of other nations has grown enormously in recent decades. Simply having a fundamental knowledge might be all it requires to separate yourself in the group of applicants for the work you’re pursuing.  Together with the rapidly growing Hispanic population, there are plenty of career fields in the US that want Spanish speakers. In the event the opportunity to showcase your own skills and be more competitive at work marketplace does not interest you in studying Spanish, maybe the additional cash will!

5. Learn Spanish to enhance your understanding of your language.

Spanish is in the Romance language family of languages, its roots coming mainly from Latin, the language spoken by the Romans. As you may understand, English, also has many words of Latin origin. As a result of this, understanding Spanish helps speakers expand their vocabulary in their own native language. Sometimes, these same Latin roots are in the base of numerous classy words in English, so Spanish students may also become more adept in English. Moreover, a realization and comprehension of the words of Latin origin is especially useful in a few professions in science, medicine, law, and several others with specialized vocabulary, as the countless centuries of Roman rule made their mark linguistically in these as well as other modern scientific and professional disciplines.

Learn Spanish

Learn Spanish


Instituto Chac-Mool

Privada de la Pradera #108, La Pradera, 62170 Cuernavaca, Mor.
Teléfono: 01 777 317 2555




Learn Spanish in Cuernavaca at Instituto Chac-Mool

Spanish Language Schools in Mexico – Learn Spanish at Chac-Mool

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Spanish School in Mexico

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Instituto Chac-Mool

Privada de la Pradera #108, La Pradera, 62170 Cuernavaca, Mor.
Teléfono: 01 777 317 2555



Spanish School in Cuernavaca – Instituto Chac-Mool

Learn Spanish in Cuernavaca, México or Costa Rica
At Chac-Mool Spanish School you can choose the location of your school, we have campuses in Mexico and Costa Rica. Turn your Spanish Learning into a great experience. Our School in Cuernavaca, Morelos and Costa Rica offers a great environment for learning Spanish, and the best teachers.

Spanish School in Mexico

Learn Spanish in Cuernavaca

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Instituto Chac-Mool

Privada de la Pradera #108, La Pradera, 62170 Cuernavaca, Mor.
Teléfono: 01 777 317 2555