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What Distinguishes Us?


Our students don’t just understand Spanish, they communicate in Spanish. We provide a quality language learning education and have been since 1996.

  • Less time to language production.
  • Personalized teaching styles based on each student’s learning style.
  • Acquire the language, not just learn.
  • Communication/production based program, not grammar based.

What Our Students Say

Chac-Mool´s Beliefs


We believe that each person is different and our students are more than just a number. Because we believe in the natural approach, and acknowledge that each student is unique, our methodology is adapted accordingly.

Learn Spanish in México or Costa Rica

At Chac-Mool Spanish School you can choose the location of your school, we have campuses in Mexico and Costa Rica.

Learn Spanish in México´s ideal spot due to it´s weather and Neutral Spanish! very near Mexico City , Cuernavaca is very rich in Culture and Mexican traditions. Turn your Spanish Learning into a great experience. Our School in Cuernavaca, Morelos offers a great environment for learning Spanish,and the best teachers.

If you are the adventurous type and are looking for more activities our Costa rica Campus will be ideal for you, it is near archeological ruins as well as near the highest volcano in the country. There also beautiful beaches as its name indicates Costa Rica which means Rich Coast, has many amazing beaches on both the Pacific side and the Atlantic side

“language acquisition” versus “language learning” is the best way competence in a second language occurs.

Our Campuses

Learn Spanish in Cuernavaca Mexico

This campus is very nice neighborhood in Cuernavaca and it´s a beautiful setting to learn Spanish, Cuernavaca is called “La Ciudad de la Eterna Primavera” (The City of Eternal Spring), this campus has a beautiful garden and outdoor classrooms for a personal attention as well as classrooms for groups.

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Learn Spanish On-Line

Now you can Learn Spanish from the comfort of your home, with our online program you can schedule the classes whenever they suit you best.

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Costa Rica

Costa Rica is an excellent locatin to Learn Spanish you can experience the local culture and enjoy exhuberan vegtation relaxed settings as well as beautifull beaches. Without a doubt a great place to Learn and Practice Spanish.

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We are Back in Cuernavaca Mexico

learn spanish in cuernavaca mexico
Cuernavaca is considered one of the Best Places to Learn Spanish. Cuernavaca is well known for it´s Neutral Spanish, even most of Hollywood movies are dubbed to Spanish in Cuernavaca.

Our school is the Best Choice for You

Our Spanish Teachers

chac-mool logo small2 All our Spanish Teachers receive instruction related to our unique methodology and our techniques. They are well trained in Krashen’s theory, as well as the Seven Intelligences and the Natural Approach. When we train new teachers, they must pass several levels of proficiency. At each level, only the top prospects continue, until we are left with the best of the best at the end of the training process, ensuring top-notch Spanish teachers! Currently, we have ongoing weekly workshops for our staff so we all stay up-to-date with techniques and methodolgy.

Learning Spanish with Creativity

We have created small outdoor classrooms, and adopted a friendly, relaxed atmosphere so students have optimal conditions for being successful in their acquisition of the language. We use a hands on approach with children, adults and teens, making the learning experience auditory, visual and kinesthetic.


Classes have a maximum of 5 people and we use a variety of media to assist in comprehension of the Spanish language. We also offer extracurricular activities in the afternoons as an extension of the classroom. These sometimes include cooking class, salsa dancing, yoga class, or even a movie in Spanish! Often we have a coto-cafe, which is just an informal gathering where students and teachers have a chance to chat in Spanish about anything at all, maybe at a local restaurant or cafe. We also offer weekend excursions, where students learn about the history and lore of local archeological zones. This way, they don’t just visit as a tourist, but take a piece of local culture home with them.

What Our Students Say

Spanish classes were so valuable.

I had such a wonderful time in Tulum, and the classes were so valuable.-Mary, Medical Student

My daugthers just finished two weeks at Chac Mool Tulum. They had an amazing time. Please let the owner of Chac Mool know that Paulina is a professional, organized and very passionate director. She made the lessons fun and inspired my children to speak in Spanish.

She and Josemar organized cooking classes, dance class and they even spent an evening just hanging out at a cafe with us to practice Spanish. I feel they went above and beyond the call of duty to give us a great cultural and academic experience.

Loved the Experience

I have loved my experience there and the instruction has been invaluable. All of the instructors are so great!!!! (Including el maestro bailar!!!) Thank you to all of you for being such great instructors and just very fun people to be around!!!

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Contact Us

To Contact us, Register, or to learn more, please call 480-338-5561 or 800-863-1941. You may also email us at We look forward to helping you achieve your Spanish Learning goals.

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