Tips to Learn Spanish

How Spanish developed

Spanish at first developed as a language from the dialect of “Vulgar Latin” Thats the reason why Spanish, “español”, is really called Castilian, or castellano in the language itself in Spain, Argentina and many other states). In the journey from veni, vidi, vici to vine, vi, vencí, mingled with an entire slew of other languages and cultures and Spanish blended, giving it some quite distinctive characteristics and vocabulary.

Probably the most known of these words is the difficult-to-interpret exclamation ¡ojalá!, which approximately means “let us hope so!” or “Hopefully!” – alá, obviously, being the Spanish manner of writing the Arabic word “Allah”.

The purpose is the fact that, in the event you are an etymology nerd or a history, Spanish is an incredibly rich language, and there is a good deal to geek out on.

What you need to Learn Spanish

Among the very first ideas you’ll probably when you hear Spanish spoken have is why are they talking so quickly?

First you’ll should get used to the phonetic system and it’s link to pronunciation. However, what do you do to help connect those sounds with real words? They key will be to facilitate yourself in through Spanish content that’s suitable to your degree.

In Spain, You cn often find Spaniards talking at regular speed nearly not possible to comprehend.

On the other hand Mexicans speak more slowly and more clearly, also If it’s possible to do so attempt to get your favourite film or TV series in Spanish. I usually seek for the show on Wikipedia, then click the left to look at the same post in Spanish to try it. There it is possible to locate the show’ same name in Spanish, and also you may make an effort to get the box.

Instead, the first English version may come with a Spanish sound option on the DVD. In the event that you can’t locate it, check out or, because they’re prone to get media dubbed in Spanish only. It’s not high-priced, although this might need international transport as you’d believe. Also Cuernavaca has the best translators and many movies are dubbed there.



Seeing a film or TV series in Spanish that you understand in English is exceptional practice. You understand the storyline, and generally you’ll recall what the characters will say. This implies you don’t should make an effort to determine what and also you will concentrate on the words. I learned a tremendous quantity of Spanish words and phrases from seeing Los Simpson (The Simpsons) on Spanish TV thanks to empowering subtitles in Spanish so that I really could learn to relate the written text with the verbal form.

In the event you make friends with native speakers, you should request ideas on their favourite shows and contemplate seeing them initially in Spanish, in place of merely seeing dubbed versions of shows that are American or British. This will allow you to understand more of Spanish culture also.

Also You can look for Spanish videos on Youtube, here is a good one we liked and also the channel is a good help.

Actually, several large Romance languages are really so much like Spanish they’re mostly mutually intelligible – a Spaniard and an Italian who don´t speak the same language can very often understand each other.

So if You are serious about learning Spanish let us help You we have the best place to learn Spanish and at Cnach-Mool Spanish School we have excellent teachers.

Spanish Schools in Mexico to Learn Spanish the right way

If you want to learn Spanish without a doubt an immersion program is the best option, there have been numerous research about the way the brain leanrs a new langae and an immersion program always turns out to be the best way.

Not all the Spanish Schools in Mexico offer good immersion programs or they also teach the traditional way. At Istituto Chac-Mool from the beggining of our Spanish School in Mexico we believed in having the best Spanish Immersion Program and we dedicated our efforts to aquire all things needed to offer our students a program that halped them learn Spanish in a fun and relaxed way whikeapplying all the best methodologies backed up by extensive research.

Spanish Schools in Mexico

Spanish Schools in Mexico

Spanish School in Mexico at a strategic location

Instituto Chac-Mool not oly offerd the best Spanish Lessons but we are priviledged to be located in Cuernavaca, which is a city wth an extraordinary weather all year roud, it is where Hernan Cortes Mexico´s conqueror decided to live and build his castle. It is called the City of Eternal Spring. But not only the weather is good in Cuernavaca, it happens to have a “neutral Spanish” and even most of the movie dubbing companies are placed here because hte can find good Spanish Speakers here. So at our Spanish School in MExico you will be immersed in an environment where very good Spanish is spoken.


Neutral Spanish

Neutral Spanish

So weather you want to learn Spanish or to get to know MExico and its culture or both Chac-Mool is considered among the best Spanish Schools in Mexico.


Learn Spanish

Causes You should contemplate learning Spanish, like “en este instante”.
No matter if you have to enhance your occupation prospects, keep the intellect sharp, without needing to rely on somebody to call for instructions or investigate novel cultures and countries, Spanish is the tool that cetainly will enable you to do more and all that.
Spanish language is the second most spoken and known foreign language after English, in America, and is the dominant language in quite several neighboring states in the United States. In addition, it occurs to be a really alluring language.

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An immersion program works for people of all ages, and is suitable for those needing to learn Spanish rapidly.
By living with a local host family being immersed in the Spanish language is the perfect means to practice and improve your Spanish while. An excellent chance to experience the Latin American culture, customs and lifestyle. You will have the ability to live it first hand!
Picture traveling to some Spanish-speaking nation and eventually taking that course that raises your learning to new levels. You’d get to sharpen your fluency, all while learning and living the local culture as well as going partying at nighttime!

Spanish Schools in Mexico

An immersion program will help you gain fluency quicker and better.

Have you ever dreamed of speaking Spanish like a native speaker? An overview of research on concentration suggests that regularly and kids who learn another language in an immersion environment are inclined to show higher levels of competence in that language learn to talk it and reading it and writing it successfully.
This translates to adult learning. A recent study shown that adults who learned a language within an immersion environment learn faster than those who learned the new language in a conventional classroom environment like native speakers.

Lean Spanish in Mexico

Lean Spanish in Mexico

Learning Spanish will become a top priority.

In a conventional classroom setting, it is difficult for even the most motivated student to learn Spanish. Frequently your only choice would be to talk in Spanish, when you’re in an immersion classroom! If you’re in a Spanish-speaking nation, this will translate to the external world at the same time.

The locals around you are going to speak Spanish as their first language, and you’ll be encompassed by Spanish TV shows, radio stations and magazines. You may have the ability to order a homestay and reside with a family who speaks with you in Spanish.
Taking an immersion class at home? You be talking Spanish several hours a day in course, and listen to Spanish stuff the remaining day.
Something you should consider when trying to learn Spanish
Those who understand at least some Spanish will have the easiest time at the start while pupils of levels will reap the benefits of total concentration.
All these are clear benefits of an immersion program. At Instituto Chac-mool we have great experience with our immersion program which will help You learn Spanish in a fast and fun way.

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It is well known that immersion is the best way to learn Spanish, it is the way we all learn our mother tongue, so our brain knows this process already and has already gone thru it.

At Instutito Chac-Mol we know this and we specialize in immersion programs for all ages. We have an immersion program for adults and immersion programs for children and families. You can be sure to learn Spanish in a fun and natural way while you get to know the culture and also make great friends.



Our tachers are native speakers and also have great experience with Spanish Immersion Programs and we have our own methodology which we have perfected over the years. We love to teach Spanish and we are really good at it. Contact Us so we can explain how our Spanish immersion Program can help you achive your goal to learn Spanish.

We have also created a great tool to help you improve your Spanish Pronunciation and also will be great to learn new Spanish Vocabulary, it is called Hablalee in which we read an article for you and you can read it at the same time, that way you listen the correct Spanish pronunciation and you speed up your reading.

We have received great comments on this new tool and we ancourage You to use it, it is completelly free and we are sure it will help you learn Spanish and also improve your Spanish Pronunciation.

Here is an example of hablalee


Chac-Mool we are the best Spanish School in Mexico get to know us, contact us and we will be glad to give you more informacion about our Spanish School in Mexico as well as our Spanish Immersion Programs.




Aprende español en Costa Rica


  1. El parque nacional de Corcovado y Bahía Drake

El hotel está situado en la pintoresca Península de Osa, el Parque nacional de Corcovado fue nombrado como uno de los lugares con más biodiversidad del planeta. Junto con la Bahía Drake, esta región se ha convertido en un punto caliente para el ecoturismo para aquellos que quieren ser uno con la naturaleza.


  1. El parque nacional Volcán Arenal y la Fortuna

Solía ser uno de los volcanes más activos de Costa Rica, el arenal es sin duda un hermoso. Visita un pequeño pueblo cerca de la base del volcán y no te arrepentirás de esta belleza. En este caso no  olvides visitar las hermosas aguas termales, un paraíso tropical donde se puede relajar la mente y el cuerpo.


  1. Tamarindo, Playa Langosta y Playa Grande

El hotel está situado en la Costa Norte del Océano Pacífico, Tamarindo y playas en los alrededores. Cuenta con aguas cristalinas color turquesa y un clima ideal, Tamarindo es uno de los destinos turísticos más populares por una razón justificada. Tamarindo tiene un poco de “algo” para todos. Si la familia está en busca de relajación o de aventura, esta playa tiene todas las comodidades y la tranquilidad de varios destinos en uno solo.


  1. Manuel Antonio y Parque Nacional Manuel Antonio

Lo que en este parque le falta en tamaño, lo compensa la increíble riqueza de lugares de interés que se encuentran aquí. Impresionantes playas tropicales, la increíble variedad de aves y animales silvestres, así como una densa y rica vegetación, de fácil acceso y un montón de cosas para hacer, hacen de este parque uno de los lugares de interés turístico más populares de todo el país.


  1. La reserva de Bosque nuboso de Monteverde

Envuelto en esponjosas nubes, la impresionante Reserva Forestal de Monteverde tiene un aire único misterio. Monteverde es el hogar de más de 3,000 especies de plantas y animales.

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México es uno de los países más ricos de cultura en el mundo, más de treinta estados han visto como se escriben capítulos memorables en la vida de los Morelenses. Debido a la proximidad con la capital,  el estado de Morelos, se ha relacionado siempre con los acontecimientos que han marcado el curso de la historia. De grandes culturas como los Olmecas en el siglo III d.C., hasta los grandes villanos en el país, como Hernán Cortés en la época de la conquista.

En 1522 Hernán Cortés comenzó con la evangelización del territorio que ahora es Morelos, a partir de Cuernavaca, lugar donde se fundó la iglesia y eligió como lugar para vivir, la construcción de su residencia, ahora se conoce como el Palacio de Cortés.


Cosas que no sabías:

  • Morelos fue fundada el 17 de abril de 1869, por el decreto del entonces presidente Benito Juárez.
    Antes de la infraestructura de los distritos de Cuernavaca, Cuautla, Jonacatepec, Tetecala y Yautepec pertenecían al Estado de México.

El nombre de su capital Cuernavaca proviene del náhuatl Cuauh-nahua-c.

El primer ingenio de azúcar de América latina fue construido en Morelos, y la producción de azúcar y de otros productos la base de su economía en el período colonial.

En Cuernavaca comenzó la carrera militar Emiliano Zapata, al incorporarse al 9° Regimiento de Caballería en 1910.

La feria de Tepalcingo, Morelos; es la segunda más grande en México, sólo detrás de la de San marcos, se celebra el tercer viernes de cuaresma que dura alrededor de una semana.

El platillo típico de Morelos, el más famoso taco acorazado, hecho con arroz rojo, chile relleno, bistec, milanesa o cecina.

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Over almost 50 years, research on language immersion instruction has heralded advantages including cognitive abilities, and academic achievement, language and literacy development in several languages. This research also shows some of the challenges that accompany the concentration model, with its multilayered program of literacy, language and intercultural skills development during subject matter. This chapter summarizes key findings for both challenges and edges.

The problem inquired most frequently in research on language immersion instruction is pupils’ ability to perform on standardized tests. This question emerges again and again in direct response to stakeholder concerns that growth of a language besides #English not endanger education aims that are fundamental, high amounts of written and oral communication abilities in English, and grade-appropriate academic accomplishment. The research answer to the question is consistent and longstanding. English expert concentration pupils are effective at attaining at the same time as, and sometimes non -immersion peers on standardized measures of reading and mathematics.


This finding applies to pupils from a variety of socioeconomic and ethnic heritages, along with varied cognitive and linguistic capabilities. Furthermore, academic achievement on tests administered in English happens regardless of the second language being learned. To put it differently, whether learning through alphabetic languages (Spanish, Hawaiian, French, etc.) or character-based languages (Mandarin, Japanese, Cantonese), English-proficient pupils will keep pace academically with peers in English-medium programs.

It is necessary to recognize that early studies performed in one way complete immersion programs, where English may not be added until scores 2–5, reveal signs of a temporary slowdown in particular English language skills like spelling, capitalization, punctuation, word knowledge, and word discrimination. That said, these studies also find that within a couple of years after teaching in English language arts starts, the interim vanishes. There were no long term negative repercussions to literacy development or English language.

Learn Spanish in Mexico_Instituto Chac-Mool Soanish Schools

Does this same finding apply to pupils in two way immersion settings whose first language is other than English? Before fifteen to twenty years, US researchers found that English students’ academic accomplishment also reached the programs’ aims. By the upper elementary, or in some instances early secondary grades, English students from different ethnicities, language backgrounds, socioeconomic levels, and developmental profiles perform at least as well as same qualifications peers being schooled in English just. Most English students in several schools come from Latino families whose home language is Spanish. As an ethnic minority in America, Latinos are both the fastest-growing student population and the group with the greatest rate of school failure. Research in Spanish/English some schools state that there is a higher grade average and increased enrollment percentage in advanced education because of this student group, compared to Latino peers participating in other kinds of educational programs including transitional bilingual instruction and various kinds of English-medium instruction.


Although a large proportion of studies have been performed in Spanish/English settings, Dr. Kathryn Lindholm-Leary in a recent study showed results from two Chinese/English programs. Some of the students in classes 4–8 whose home language was Chinese examined at or above their grade level and the same as or well above peers with similar demographic characteristics.

We can conclude that immersion programs bring excelent benefits when learning Spanish or any other second language.

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