Tips to Learn Spanish

  1. Analyze conversation that is native

The words and phrases used in dialog that is native differ in the language and style used in papers and novels. If our aim is to have the capacity to participate in a dialog  your efforts should be focused on emulating native speakers who participate in an actual dialogue; On the other hand reading papers will help you become a better Spanish reader.

2.If you would rather carry on at a slower, more comfortable rate this can be fine, but you’ll realize conversational ability substantially quicker if it is possible to do both at the exact same time.

The trick” that is “ here is just to concentrate most of your learning on sound established learning stuff rather than novels. Instead striving to perfect your grammar use sound-established exercises that push you talk and to listen.

  1. Develop fluency through verbal repetition

“Fluency” just isn’t a measure of how many words you know, but easily and on comfortably you are able to comprehend and replicate. The reason is because you’ve heard and repeated answers and those phrases that using them just becomes automatic.


To participate in real-time dialogue we should enhance our “automaticity” for a broader variety of the language. Using drills that need you to repeat constructions and key phrases orally helps construct the neural pathways needed for fluency that is accurate.


  1. Get comfortable making errors

If your aim will be to talk, you have to immediately get into the mindset of being cozy making lots and lots of errors. In a conventional academic setting the aim will be to get the right” that is “ response every time – select the correct word, use the conjugation that is appropriate, etc.


Anticipating to keep this kind of perfection during realtime dialog will destroy you. You wo unable to have a dialog that is real if you must sit there trying to determine whether to use imperfect or preterite every time you use a verb.


Here’s a good example of a 7 minute dialogue between an intermediate spanish student (Niall) and two Spanish natives. Niall makes lots of errors throughout, but is capable of being understood fairly well by his Spanish friends.


Some more tips

You must speak out!

Use this section to immediately acquire confidence in your Spanish pronunciation abilities. With that assurance, you are going to advance much faster. For these exercises to be successful you must speak out at normal conversational volume, but recall.

Spanish Vowels

The vowels are covered by the first five lessons. The vowels have just one sound each. That is among the motives that Spanish words are spelled just how they sound. Here is a fascinating fact: It just takes Spanish-speaking kids about annually to master spelling. Compare that.

Maybe you are knowledgeable about the “trilled r” as it is usually represented by the “rr” simbols or characters. Many people trying to learn Spanish find this sound hard to replicate. In case you are among those folks—do not worry about it! Eventually, you’ll likely get it. But even should youn’t you can still seem great. You will

Learn Spanish in Mexico, Spanish School in Mexico Instituto Chac-Mool Spanish Schools - Learn Spanish in Cuernavaca

Spanish School in Mexico – Instituto Chac-Mool Spanish Schools

Learning Spanish popularity´s in schools is soaring globally.

Spanish is not a language that is foreign anymore. In the United States, Spanish is growing ahead of another non-English language in a fast speed, having a constant stream of new immigrants from Latin America and increase in the Hispanic population that is substantial.
Hispanics will increase to 30% from approximately 16% of the US citizens by 2050. With booming Latin markets outside the United States and this kind of big Latino population in the US, companies are desperate for people that speak Spanish. There’s an enormous demand in the US for Spanish-speakers in building management, nursing, and media, among a number of other positions.

There are about more than three hundred million native Spanish speakers on the planet, plus they populate a few of the most amazing destinations on the planet. It’s possible for you to leave behind the touristy resorts in Cancun and research a large number of miles of trails, beaches, and lovely and low-cost Latin America cities.

Study Spanish in Mexico

If you ever visit Mexico, speaking the local language will allow you to get off the beaten trail and see some actual culture. And obviously it is possible to reserve a visit to Spain and much more.
There are great movies in Spanish too. Movie directors Guillermo Del Toro, Alfonso Cuarón, and Pedro Almodovar — who all have pictures in their own native language — should be sufficient to convince you of the abundance of Spanish language film.

Good news: Spanish is not difficult to learn

Written Spanish in comparison with other languages is nearly entirely phonetic — look at any Spanish word, and you’ll be able to tell the way that it’s pronounced.
Mastering the grammar of Spanish may be a challenge, and lots of vocabulary words are not dissimilar to English. Considering that the variety of Spanish speakers in the US continues to increase, it is likely that it can be even easiest to learn and practice this language.

Learn Spanish in Mexico at Chac Mool Spanish Schools

Learn Spanish in Mexico at Chac Mool Spanish Schools

Learn Spanish in Mexico

Learn Spanish in Mexico

Want to Learn Spanish and enjoy the benefits of knowing a Language that more than 500 million people worldwide speak? Look no further, Chacmool is the best option.
Spanish is America’s second most broadly taught non-English language. It is in addition the nation’s fastest growing language. The economical, political and social importance of the Spanish speaking community in the US can´t be ignored.

Learning Spanish in Mexico allows you to speak with more than 500 million individuals globally. Your employment choices will also significantly boost with Spanish speakers being demanded by several of the planet´s leading markets. Learning Spanish will make traveling more fun where Spanish is an official language, as well as the various nations where Spanish is spoken.

When the amount of native speakers and second language speakers in America are added, We come up with well over 50 million Spanish speakers, the US is the second largest Spanish speaking country in the whole world, behind only Mexico and ahead of Argentina, Spain and Colombia. Some projections suggest that Mexico could be even surpassed by the US and end up being the world’s biggest Spanish-speaking nation.

Learning Spanish will allow you to keep pace with Hispanic influence on a culture that is getting stronger as time goes by. For instance, do you remember that Taco Bell commercial with the little dog? Are you aware that his slogan, “Yo quiero Taco Bell” is really a game of Spanish words? Because in Spanish, “yo quiero” means both “I want” and “I adore.” So, that cunning little dog was really pulling your leg as he said both: “I want Taco Bell” and “I love Taco Bell.”
We in the US are a melting pot of Latino immigrants who come from all countries in Latin America, there are dozens of nationalities beneath the source-neutral identity of “Latino.”

At Chacmool we don´t only teach You Spanish but we make it fun and we make You feel like you on vacation rather than at School.

Learn Spanish in Mexico_Instituto Chac-Mool Spanish Schools

Learn Spanish in Mexico at Instituto Chac-Mool Spanish Schools

Learn Spanish in Mexico, Spanish School in Mexico Instituto Chac-Mool Spanish Schools - Learn Spanish in Cuernavaca

Reasons to Learn SpanishLearn Spanish in Mexico – Instituto Chac-Mool Spanish Schools

5 Reasons to Learn Spanish

1. Speak and Understand 350 million native Spanish speakers world-wide.

Spanish is spoken by at least an estimated 350 million individuals all over the world and is now the 4th most frequently spoken language world-wide. Geographically, a lot of states have Spanish as a dominant language: Spain, America, Venezuela, Chile, Equatorial Guinea, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Perú, Argentina, México, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Panamá, Colombia, Bolivia, Paraguay, and Uruguay. Understanding Spanish opens the door for one to speak with 1/3 of a billion speakers globally!

2. Communicate with Spanish-speaking folks at home.

In case your home is in the US, it will be likely to keep nearly daily contact with native Spanish speakers in several cities as well as in rural areas. That is actually true in the various states bordering Mexico, or such states as Florida and New York where many immigrants of Cuban roots live. Even in case your home state isn’t found in any of these regions, there’s still an excellent possibility of locating Spanish-speakers close to your geographical area. As of 1995, 10% of all individuals residing in the US were of Hispanic ancestry. Before 10 years, this amount has continued to grow. Possibly this can be the reason why 53% of pupils learning languages in US schools and universities are learning Spanish over other languages. You’ve got the ability to make use of your language skills right at home.

3. Learn Spanish to Enjoy even more your trips.

You Should take a bit of your time to understand a few of the Spanish language before heading off to distant lands, your comprehension and appreciation for the areas you see is going to be made better immensely. Realizing the language and culture of the land you see will give you insights to individuals and culture a non-Spanish speaker would never have access to. Understanding even a little Spanish ahead of time helps travelers convey more successfully, particularly considering a lot of Spanish speakers don’t understand English. Whether giving an address in a cab, making bookings in a hotel, ordering food or beverages in a restaurant, or meeting the locals in the key hangout, your traveling experience will probably be a lot easier and much more satisfying when you’re able to convey.

4. Use Spanish to enhance your employment possibility.

Understand another language? Great, you are hired! For those who have shown yourself to be a competent worker with only the proper job skills AND you also talk a foreign language like Spanish, you’re a lot more prone to get that job of your dreams than if you only speak English. Globally, those who talk Spanish regularly have chances to work in commerce or company fields. Alternatives include diplomacy, interpretation, and security programs, which all demand a sensitivity and competence of some other language. And are you aware that bilingual workers regularly get a bigger wages than their non-Spanish speaking counterparts? Together with the world becoming ever more international, contact with individuals of other nations has grown enormously in recent decades. Simply having a fundamental knowledge might be all it requires to separate yourself in the group of applicants for the work you’re pursuing.  Together with the rapidly growing Hispanic population, there are plenty of career fields in the US that want Spanish speakers. In the event the opportunity to showcase your own skills and be more competitive at work marketplace does not interest you in studying Spanish, maybe the additional cash will!

5. Learn Spanish to enhance your understanding of your language.

Spanish is in the Romance language family of languages, its roots coming mainly from Latin, the language spoken by the Romans. As you may understand, English, also has many words of Latin origin. As a result of this, understanding Spanish helps speakers expand their vocabulary in their own native language. Sometimes, these same Latin roots are in the base of numerous classy words in English, so Spanish students may also become more adept in English. Moreover, a realization and comprehension of the words of Latin origin is especially useful in a few professions in science, medicine, law, and several others with specialized vocabulary, as the countless centuries of Roman rule made their mark linguistically in these as well as other modern scientific and professional disciplines.

Learn Spanish

Learn Spanish

Learn Spanish


Learn Spanish   Greetings and Introductions

This video will teach you how to greet someone, tell them your name, and carry a basic conversation. We will also learn how to use the verb “estar” (to be) to describe how you are feeling.

Ready to start a conversation in Spanish?

Spanish School in Mexico - Chac-Mool Spanish Schools

Spanish School in Mexico – Instituto Chac-Mool Spanish Schools



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Tips to Understand Spanish

Spanish is a lovely language having a very long history and over 500 million speakers world-wide.

It’s among the simpler languages for speakers of English to understand, due to both language’s common Latin roots. Learning Spanish takes and requires time and a good teacher. The satisfaction you will feel after having your first appropriate dialogue in Spanish will make it completely worth the effort! Here are a few good suggestions on the best way to learn how to speak Spanish and also have fun along the way!

Among the primary ideas you will probably have asked yourself why people speak so fast in Spanish?

While I wish I had a magic remedy with this issue, the fact remains that you just must train your ear to relate Spanish sounds using the written kind, and this does take some time. But it does not have to take lots of time.

With just a couple of weeks of consistent practice, it is possible to train your ear to adjust to the sounds of Spanish. First you will have to become accustomed to the phonetic system and it is link to pronunciation. However, what can you do to help connect those sounds with real words? They key will be to facilitate yourself in through Spanish content which is suitable for your degree.

Additional thoughts I Had highly recommend:

It’s possible for you to locate many stations in Spanish on, or you also can Google what tunes have been in the top 40 charts in your intended state. Subsequently get the lyrics (Google the tune name with all the word “letras” for lyrics) and attempt to follow along. I find that love songs are usually sung slower and are simpler to follow.

Make use of a podcast directed at Spanish students. Although this was not around for me back in 2003, I Have used this firm’s podcasts for my other languages to enhance my listening comprehension. I like this it distinguishes language amounts in accordance with the CEFR scale.

Basically, it begins at the bottom amounts, playing an extremely short dialog and describing all facets of it, to ensure that when you re-listen to the conversation and by doing so you will end up understanding it much better. As you progress through the levels, it gets Increasingly more difficult as well as the speakers raise the speed where they talk. I usually make an effort to aim for just one degree more than my present one, to shove myself.

Analyze Spanish sound at different rates. It’s possible for you to take sound from a naturally verbal podcast, record of a radio show, or interview and slow it down utilizing the complimentary tool Audacity.

To study Spanish in a Spanish School in Mexico contact US, At Chac-mool, we have the best teachers and you will learn Spanish in no time.

Instituto Chac-Mool_Spanish School in Mexico

Instituto Chac-Mool_Spanish School in Mexico



Instituto Chac-Mool
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Learn Spanish at Chac-Mool_10 Reasons to learn spanish

Learn Spanish at Chac-Mool Spanish Schools

10 Reasons to Learn Spanish

1. Over 400,000,000 people speak Spanish all around the world and there are more bilingual people in the world every day.

2. It is becoming a business necessity.

3. It will expand your knowledge and perception of the world.

4. It will transform your travel experience.

5. It is part of popular culture.

6. Better paying jobs.

7. To help others.

8. To understand English better.

9. To understand the Hispanic culture and its contributions.

10. Spanish in Fun!

Now you know the 10 reasons to learn Spanish, are you waiting for.

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Learn Spanish in Cuernavaca at Chac-Mool Spanish Schools

Learn Spanish in Cuernavaca at Instituto Chac-Mool

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