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Learn Spanish the right Way
Looking to read a novel? Must pass a test to get a course?

Learn Spanish the right way so you don´t waste your time an money. This can be vital distinction to make since the most time-saving strategy is likely to be one that’s tailored to your own end goal. Talking and listening are very distinct abilities that should be acquired apart from reading and or writing, and in case your aim is to learn spanish the correct way and in order for you to take part in real time dialogue with native Spanish Speakers, your strategy is going to be quite different compared to the grammar novel that is flashcard strategy you could use to pass a midterm exam.

learn spanish

learn spanish

Learn Spanish fluently

Even if you are not a begginer and You’re most likely already experienced with respect to some tiny subset of the language, e.g.: “Hola, como estas?” or ordering food at a restaurant You need to use an immersion program. The reason is as you’ve heard and repeated answers and those phrases that using them just becomes automatic. What’s commonly described as “fluency” is actually “automaticity” -the ease with which we are able to make use of some of language and never have to stop and consider it. If you want to Learn Spanish and become fluent you need to hear and listen o Spanish native speakers all the time.

Larn Spanish like you learned your mother tongue

The words and phrases found in dialog that is native or carried out by native speakers differs from the language and style found in papers and novels. If our aim would be to have the capacity to interact in everyday dialogs our efforts ought to be focused on emulating native speakers and to make you able to think in Spanish.

At Chac-Mool we are experts at teaching Spanish and our students can learn Spanish in a few weeks from staying with us, there is nothing like learning Spanish the natural way in which we all learn our native language.


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