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Spanish Schools in Mexico

You want to learn Spanish / improve your Spanish this year?

Here are 5 great ideas from chac-mool.com that will help you to realize your resolutions for 2017:

1. Never forget why
It may sound trivial, but without a good reason to learn a new language, it’s harder to stay motivated in the long term. Whatever the reason is why you want to learn a language, once you’ve decided this, it is important to stick with it: “Okay, I want to learn this language and that’s why I’m going to do as much as possible in that language, with this language and for this language.”

2. Integrating language learning in your daily life
Learning a new language is actually quite simple! You just need to connect it to things you are doing anyways; in that way learning is also much more enjoyable. Listen to Spanish music, watch movies, TV and series in Spanish – you’ll be amazed how quickly new words and expressions become second nature to you!

3. Associate
Sticking vocabulary post-its to objects in your house helps a great deal! But do not limit it to merely labeling the objects, also connect them with associations. For example, do not only write down the word for “light switch” in the foreign language, but as well the words for “turn off”, “turn on”, “bright” and “dark”. When you read the words on a daily basis, you will automatically remember them.

4. Less is more – but regularly
Even if you have a lot to do: Make it a habit to learn every day as much as you can – and that really means: as you can. You have half an hour a day? Super! Then learn for half an hour. Today it’s just 15 minutes? That’s still better than excessively cramming a whole weekend and then doing nothing for two months. It is important that you learn on a regular basis and that you plan in learning units into your busy schedule, even though they may be short.

5. Be childish
Try to learn like a child. New scientific studies could not detect any direct link between age and learning ability. So, in order to learn as quickly as a child, childlike behaviors help. For example: don’t feel embarrassed to speak, enjoy a playfully access to the new language and do not be afraid to make mistakes. The key to success in language learning is to admit that you do not know everything, and to accept that that’s absolutely fine.

Learn Spanish in Cuernavaca - Instituto Chac-Mool Spanish Schools;

Learn Spanish in Cuernavaca 


Instituto Chac-Mool

Privada de la Pradera #108, La Pradera, 62170 Cuernavaca, Mor.
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